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I have been a member of the hereandnow Theatre Company for about 2 years.  I enjoy touring and acting, and now I get to experience directing – assistant directing, that is.  We just finished casting the show and will start rehearsals this week.  The show will run from July 12 – July 14, so save the dates!


I’ve been busy working on a lot of different things, so I thought that I would take the time to share with you what I have been up to.

– ADR for “Ripe” – I have the fun opportunity to play “Abby” AND play “Abby’s mom” (i.e. do her voice).
– Touring with hereandnow – This weekend, I am heading out to the University of Missouri. Next weekend, I am going to Iowa. Both new places for me, so I am excited because I love touring and traveling!
– Thinking up ideas for Nerdesses, WordKnurds, and a feature-length film
– Applying for different theatre festivals to send my solo performance, “Daze of My Life”
– Working on a video reel
– Dabbling in the production side of things – Right now, I am helping to produce some of the FreddieW videos. It is a lot of fun, and I like learning new things.

Hello everyone!  I know that it has been a while since I have updated on what I have been doing.  I have just been busy doing a lot of things.  Since November, here is a list of what I have been up to:

  • Recurring guest-star in the web series “Video Game High School (VGHS)” – it should be coming out some time in May
  • Lead in the web series “For The Winning” – we are having a launch party tonight!
  • Role in Battlefield 3 Commercial that aired on national television (video coming soon)
  • Lead on student films, such as “We Are Together” and “Web Wars” (I will try to get some clips up)
  • Performing with Hereandnow Theatre for the East West Players Christmas show titled “A Little Tokyo Christmas”
  • Performing my solo performance “Daze of My Life” as part of the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF)
  • Starting my own YouTube channel (still in the works)
  • Staged reading performance of “Tchaikovsky on Ice” for the USC Masters of Professional Writing Program
  • “For The Winning” web series getting into the 2012 LA Web Fest
  • Starring in a “Who the Bleep is Dennis Bover?” video (video coming soon)
  • Producing “Sister Cities” for the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival (more details coming soon)
  • Touring to New York City and Chicago with Hereandnow Theatre Company to perform for schools
  • Rehearsing for Hereandnow Theatre Company show “Mother Tongues” for show in June 2012

Long list, right?  I might have forgotten a few things here and there, but that list shows what has been filling up my time.  As I mentioned in the list, I will provide videos and/or more details about some of those projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Missing my baby girl @banditalora. Can't wait to get back home to her! 💕 #minischnauzer #Dressember Day 15
First thing I do in NOLA - grab some beignets @CafeBeignetNOLA. 👍🏽 Beignet, done that. 😘
I'm at 20% of my @dressember goal. Join me in giving the gift of freedom to those in need! The money goes to @ijm and @a21. Donate as little as $1 and spread the word. Link in profile. 💝
#LLPDressember #ItsBiggerThanADress #YouCanDoAnythingInADress
#HeldineEats #HeldineTravels Teaching Alora how to yoga. Actually, I'm probably learning more from her. She's got "happy baby" down. 😄 #HeldineYoga #AWishingHeart Grateful for travels, family, and good food right now. 😊 What are you grateful for? (📸: @iamhertribe) #AWishingHeart #💝 #Dressember Day 14
Excited to spend the weekend with my family in New Orleans! Here's my chilling on the floor with Alora. 🙃
I'm at 20% of my @dressember goal. Join me in giving the gift of freedom to those in need! The money goes to @ijm and @a21. Donate as little as $1 and spread the word. Link in profile. 💝
#LLPDressember #ItsBiggerThanADress #YouCanDoAnythingInADress #DecemberReflections2017 Day 13: 5 Things About Me .
1 - I'm a bag lady. I carry so much sh*t around all the time. 😝 I've been really working on it and getting better. I was proud of how little I brought to Bali for 5 weeks over the summer and how little I bought while I was there. I dream of being a minimalist. 😁
2 - I'm bisexual; I find men and women sexually attractive.
3 - I double majored in Theatre and Math at USC. Then I studied accounting at SMC for a couple of years before quitting and getting certified for yoga teaching. I have 500 hours certified for yoga.
4 - I sweat easily on my hands, feet, and armpits as a physical stress response. For example, when I get cold, I can start to sweat in one or more of those areas. I was self-conscious about it especially during middle school and high school because I was afraid of what people would think. But I'm less self-conscious now because I know that's just how my body is, and I work on my stress (mental and physical).
5 - I'm allergic to the cold. At certain temperatures, I start to get hives. I haven't noticed it much in recent years, but maybe it's because I don't stay out in the cold long enough. We'll see what happens when I visit Minnesnowta for Christmas soon! 😜 #Dressember Day 13
#YouCanDoAnythingInADress, even work out. I spent my morning in the gym working out and doing some yoga. Also, free yoga tonight from 7-8 PM at the Santee Court Fitness Center! Message if you're coming. And you're more than welcome to pay it forward and donate to my Dressember campaign. 😘
I'm at 20% of my @dressember goal. Join me in giving the gift of freedom to those in need! The money goes to @ijm and @a21. Donate as little as $1 and spread the word. Link in profile. 💝
#LLPDressember #ItsBiggerThanADress Doing my morning pages for The Artist's Way has helped me get to know myself so much. I'm glad to be doing this work. And I know I'm on the right path because as I was writing this post, synchronicity happened! I sat next to these random older guys at Stumptown, and one of them mentioned that he's doing this thing called "morning pages". What?! 😵 Seriously. 💝
(📸: @rockyourbliss)
#AWishingHeart #DecemberReflections2017

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