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Solo Performance Workshop with Debra De Liso

Posted on: October 8, 2012

Debra De Liso

I recently signed up for Debra De Liso‘s Solo Performance Workshop.  Our relationship began at USC, where I had the pleasure of taking her solo performance class for a semester.  That class helped me to create my first ever solo performance show called “Daze of My Life”.  As a result of Debra’s training, I was able to perform “Daze of My Life” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, and several other events.  My solo performance is currently 30 minutes long, and I aim to lengthen it to about 45 minutes or 1 hour so that I can tour it around the country and around the world.  With Debra De Liso’s help, I know it is possible.

There are some spaces open for the 8-week intensive class.  So I wanted to let others know about this incredible opportunity.  The class is on Saturdays from 2-5 PM.  It starts on October 20 and ends December 15 (no class on November 24).

For her contact information, you can check out her Yelp page.

I hope to see you in class!

To end this post, here are a few things others have to say about Debra:

Debra De Liso is a woman of extraordinary and multiple talents, she has astonished me with her work as an actress, a director, a choreographer, a movement coach, and most particularly as a human being of spectacular generosity and caring. Over and above her superb professional qualifications, Ms. De Liso has the rare gift of inspiring novices to reach deeply into themselves, to open to one another and to enhance their own skills and perceptions by communal sharing.
~ Leon Katz, Award Winning Playwright, Emeritus Professor, Yale School of Drama

What was it like being under your baton? It was wonderful. You create a very safe and fun place to explore not only the great works of theatre but, more importantly, the depths of one’s soul. You let my work soar out into the world without altering its authenticity. You give each participant equal attention and direction to grow from wherever their starting point is without making one feel inadequate to the task. A true teacher takes you from the place you stand on and extends your path into new directions. You are a master teacher in so many ways. I think that your classes are for all of us not only those who hope to act. In reality you are giving students the opportunity to experience their own capabilities to go beyond what they think is possible. This is a great gift. Often what limits the student’s vision is a narrow expectation. You have an innate ability to match the right script with each student. Literally, showing them that they are capable far more than what they expect. By giving them the opportunity to play another role, see another view, you change their vision of themselves. It was an amazing time together not only at the Carrie Hamilton but in the old church hall. If you can bring life into that space, I imagine you can bring it anywhere.  I highly recommend your classes to anyone that is interested in relearning how to play, how to imagine another way.
~ Rochelle Duffy, Ph.D. Critically acclaimed Playwright/Actor “Prison is Where I Learned to Fly”

My play would never had hit the stage had it not been for Debra. She so clearly understood what I was trying to accomplish and then deftly navigated the waters from idea, into script, and onto stage. She is nurturing, caring, and inspiring, all the things I needed to overcome the fear and doubt I was experiencing with my own words and no other actors for the first time.
~ Jay Sefton Playwright/Actor – Winner Best Solo Play “The Most Mediocre Story never Told” L.A. Weekly Awards

Debra created a nurturing creative atmosphere for me, a non-actor, to develop my material and find the confidence to perform it.  She has unerring instinct of knowing where a performer’s strengths are and how to find them.
~ Hal Ackerman, Winner – Best Solo Play Script- United Solo Festival NYC, Co-Chair, UCLA Screenwriting Program

I have worked with Debra De Liso for the past two years. I have been a student in her acting class, and have also taken her Improvisation workshop twice, and her Solo Writing Workshop (which I plan to take again).  Debra is a very experienced, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate teacher…and human being. I will never stop working with her as long as she will have me. Her classes are fun, safe and revelatory. I cannot quantify how much I have learned from her. And on top of all of this, she is a superb director and actress. Thank you, Debra, for all you have given me.
~ Deborah Berman, Ex Dean San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Colburn School of Music

“I had a great time in Debra’s Improv workshop. She was able to gently escort me out of my comfort zone. The way she can work successfully with different students at different levels is amazing. I’ll definitely return.”
~ Kahlil Nelson, L.A. County High School for the Arts Graduate

I’ve been taking Debra’s workshops for almost a year and I have had a great experience. She really helps you improve your skills and achieve your goals.  She´s very flexible and open to hear and implement your new ideas. Debra has  always something good to say about your work. She totally transforms your good ideas into a professional product to be performed at theaters and festivals.  She is also very good at motivating and encouraging you to believe in your work and get the best out of it.  I´m so thankful for all the help I have received from her. She has help me to build up confidence for breaking into the industry and now I have successfully been auditioning for commercials and performing some of my original writing in theaters.  I definitely recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for a source of inspiration combine with experience and professionalism.
~ Araceli Cesar, Reporter for the Latino California Newspaper


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