Heldine Alora Aguiluz

Battlefield 3 Commercial

Posted on: June 29, 2012

I realized that I never posted the commercial that I worked on at the end of last year.  It was a lot of fun working with Brandon Laatsch, Freddie Wong, and the others.  I especially loved the location.

Hope you enjoy!



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We hurried out the door so quickly after the @secretpoledancestudio show because we were starving and tired that I forgot to get a picture with my support crew! 😣 So thank you to Brandon, Maxwell, @erikameowriko, @hatperson, @karinventures, and @caldwellcrafted for coming to my show! It means so much to me to have had you there with me. 💝 #HeldinePole #HeldineDance #HeldineActs #SecretPoleDanceStudio I had a fun night @SecretPoleDanceStudio's recital! 💃🏽 Here are some clips of my first piece, choreographed by @thesecrettiff. For more, watch my stories and the studio's past live broadcast and stay tuned for my posts. 😘
(📸: @jameelis)
#HeldineDance #HeldineActs #SecretPoleDanceStudio I read 2 things today about the yoga business. So I wanted to share some of my thoughts. .
As much as I would like to get paid to teach yoga, I currently do not make any money teaching yoga. I used to get paid teaching at The Springs, but they closed last year. I'm sure there were many reasons, but one was probably that not enough people were coming to yoga classes. .
I have friends that have told me "yoga should be free because it's good for you". Wouldn't it be great if all the things that were good for us were free? But we have to pay for doctors and food and shelter and clothes. Shouldn't we support our yoga teachers who remind us to breathe through the hard times and help us see and love ourselves for who we really are? We all need to sustain ourselves.
One of my goals this year is to work on getting more money so that I can get out of debt. In order to do that, I need to value my experience, my talents, my education, my energy, myself. I choose what to put on my schedule and what gigs to take.
I am fortunate to have multiple other gigs that pay me so that I can dedicate my time to give FREE YOGA on Saturdays. I could do other things with my weekend or work on trying to make money with yoga, but I am choosing yoga over the business. I want to provide free yoga because everyone deserves to learn it, not just those who can afford it.
If you do have the money to spend on yoga, choose people who truly value yoga. For example, I try to aim buying yoga clothes from sustainable companies and/or those that help other causes. .
Join me for another free yoga class tomorrow from 10:30-11:30 AM. Message me if you're coming! 😊🙏🏽
 #HeldineYoga #FBF to my Lola and me right before her 86th birthday in 2014. I've been thinking about her and wishing she were still around to see my pole show tomorrow because she'd love it. She'd tell me to powder my pussy. And she flashed Brandon once, maybe twice. And when she and my Lolo went missing in Long Beach, they found her at a random Mexican birthday party eating their food while dancing. 😂 I know she'll be there in spirit with my Lolo, being proud and dancing along. Less than 24 hours! 💃🏽 #HeldineFam I woke up crying from a nightmare this morning. I didn't sleep well in general last night, and it probably didn't help that I didn't eat enough yesterday. I had worked 9 hours and then rehearsed for 2.
I'm clearly exhausted. I've never worked my body this hard. Sometimes, timing isn't the best. Right now, it's acting, taxes, and dancing for me.
But maybe the universe brought all of these together because I asked for it. I asked to do more of what I love and to get paid more and to get rid of my debt. I got what I asked, and I need to work on balancing everything and taking care of myself. .
So thank you, universe, for providing and for helping me grow. And thank you, body, for being strong and carrying me. 💝
Today is the deadline for LLC taxes, so I still have work to do today, but I know that I have plenty of time. So I just need to breathe and not stress. It's almost the weekend! 🙌🏽
📸: @aerialista85 (1/14/18)
#TBT #AWishingHeart #NoFilter "The enso ('circle' in Japanese) is a symbol of unity and interconnectedness, but also imperfection and incompleteness - it is a circle in the process of becoming. It represents the community of all life, the 'collective' of all beings, which we embrace when we, as Einstein said, 'widen our circle of compassion'. For us, it also symbolizes the planet - an imperfect circle hanging in the clarity of space."
📸: @tashimannox
📜: @weareplanetary
#PiDay #AWishingHeart #Enough gun violence. Everyone shouldn't be afraid to go to school, a movie, a concert - anywhere! We don't need assault rifles or bump stocks in everyday life. We need proper tools to help us manage stress and everyday life challenges so that we don't lash out in devastating ways. 🙏🏽
#AWishingHeart #HeldineYoga Practicing what I preach. 😘 Last Saturday, we worked on twists. They're great for improving digestion. They're also a great metaphor for life - life offers us all sorts of twists. Can we practice breathing deeply through these twisted yoga poses and apply that practice to the difficult times in life that we experience? 🙏🏽
Join me this Saturday for another free yoga class from 10:30-11:30 AM. Message me if you're coming and if you have suggestions for what you want to work on! 😊
#HeldineYoga #AWishingHeart

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