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Captain Dan Dixon vs. the Moth Sluts from the 5th DimensionThis Friday is the opening show of “Captain Dan Dixon vs. the Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension“!  I play Vickibelle, princess of the Vulvulans.

I haven’t been this excited for a show in a while.  It’s definitely one that you don’t want to miss.  We have 2 shows on a week – one on Friday and another on Saturday.  Both at 8:30 PM.

Hope to see you there!

Ripe INVITE June 30After all of the hard work we have all done on “Ripe“, it is finally being screened!  Come watch and celebrate it with us!  It is a free screening with a reception to follow.  (No press, please.)

Whether or not you’ve seen the new Superman movie, I think you’ll like this fun video.  I’m featured as the victim and a news reporter.  It’s nice to see a video that you had fun working on get lots of views (it’s over 2 million!).

Hope you enjoy!

AttackOfTheRottingCorpses2013_Postcard4EmailWant to have fun on Friday?  Then come watch me zombie it up at Zombie Joe’s Underground!  I never imagined myself being in a zombie show because I am a big scaredy cat (you should watch me playing “Silent Hill” and “The Last of Us”).  This show has definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone.  So much fun with a great director and cast.  You don’t want to miss it.


I have been a member of the hereandnow Theatre Company for about 2 years.  I enjoy touring and acting, and now I get to experience directing – assistant directing, that is.  We just finished casting the show and will start rehearsals this week.  The show will run from July 12 – July 14, so save the dates!

New WordKnurds video!  Everyone wonders what it would be like to take certain phrases literally.  We decided to share our thoughts through this video series.

Hope you enjoy!

I’ve been busy working on a lot of different things, so I thought that I would take the time to share with you what I have been up to.

– ADR for “Ripe” – I have the fun opportunity to play “Abby” AND play “Abby’s mom” (i.e. do her voice).
– Touring with hereandnow – This weekend, I am heading out to the University of Missouri. Next weekend, I am going to Iowa. Both new places for me, so I am excited because I love touring and traveling!
– Thinking up ideas for Nerdesses, WordKnurds, and a feature-length film
– Applying for different theatre festivals to send my solo performance, “Daze of My Life”
– Working on a video reel
– Dabbling in the production side of things – Right now, I am helping to produce some of the FreddieW videos. It is a lot of fun, and I like learning new things.

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It's easy to forget when I want to get so much done before I leave for Bali this coming weekend. I overworked myself to the point that my body is forcing me to slow down by getting sick. 😣 (📸: @rockyourbliss) #HeldineYoga #AWishingHeart #💖 Had a fun time rafting with Frank Enstad @kernriverrafting today! 🌊 (Taken w/ @ricohtheta) #Theta360 #AWishingHeart #💖 Had fun shooting a wet and wild @ladylanparty video today! 💦 Here are some BTS shots. Stay tuned for the future video! 😉 #LadyLAN #VGBandit Happy Weekend! Hope you find some time to recharge. 🔌 #HeldineYoga #DTLA #dtlayoga Learned the Special K today with @jameelis @secretpoledancestudio! When she 1st showed the trick, my mind went to its habit of "I can't". I heard that, laughed it off, and replied, "I'll try." I did it with Jamé's help 1st and then tried it on my own. 😊🌱 #HeldinePole #SecretPoleDanceStudio 1 more week until I leave for Bali! I'll be doing my 2nd teacher training. This one is for 300 hours.
Join me in my last few classes before I leave!
- Sat. 7/22 Free Flow at Santee 10:30-11:30 AM
- Mon. 7/24 Flow @TheSpringsLA 12-1 PM
- Tues. 7/25 Flow @TheSpringsLA 7-8 AM
- Wed. 7/26 Free Meditation @TheSpringsLA 1-1:30 PM
📸: @KarinSchneiderPhotography
#HeldineYoga #AWishingHeart #💖 My day started out rough with my inner monologue being "I can't" and ended feeling accomplished nailing some new pole moves. Allowing myself to breathe and meditate in the middle of the day definitely helped me out. And having a supportive group of ladies at pole class is great, too. 😄 Thanks for the class @evolvepoledance, @playapoler! 🙌🏽 #HeldinePole #AWishingHeart #💖 A little over 2 years ago (7/14/15), Brandon took this picture of me in Salzburg, Austria. His pictures were imported and untouched until today. It was a fun trip with his parents, so I hope we can revisit the memories with more of his great shots. 🖼 #HeldineTravels #AWishingHeart #💖

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